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At the age of 19, she decided that her small town in the south of Germany was not exciting enough and took off to Chicago with a one-way ticket in her pocket. 7 years later she had successfully finished her marketing studies at UCLA in California, gained experience in different marketing trainee jobs and returned back home to Germany to start a new adventure. 


Peggy worked for almost 10 years at HP in various marketing positions. Having always been interested in new technologies and developments, an IT company was the perfect working environment for her. Following the birth of fraternal twins (a boy and a girl), she founded her own marketing communications and event agency. She successfully managed a profitable business even through the pregnancy and birth of her third child, her youngest daughter. In addition to her important roles as wife and mother, she grew her event business and continued working on her personal development. She completed various business coaching, personal coaching, training and consulting certifications over the years to stay at the forefront of ongoing developments, enabling her to help people and organizations effectively prepare for the future.


In addition to fulfilling her role as managing director of her agency, she is a consultant for SMBs in the areas of brand positioning, optimization of business processes, digital transformation and agility, and is also a sales trainer. 


Today, she runs the agency together with her oldest daughter Stella in a 50/50 partnership and they opened a second event agency in Spain. Also in partnership with Stella, Peggy was able to kick-off her latest project - the co-creation and co-hosting of the Alphaweibchen Podcast.


Peggy loves to travel – preferably in luxury conditions, but she has also recently started back-pack travelling with her son. She is totally crazy about her little Pomeranian Baby Blue, buys too many books and dreams of her own farm with horses, goats, sheep and white Silkies.

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